HOOT85 Snow Bike Conversion Kit

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The HOOT85 kit will convert your Yamaha YZ85 into a tracked machine for year-round use.

  • Winter – It will be a snow bike.
  • Summer – The stock front wheel goes back on.

The HOOT85 eats snow, dirt, gravel, sand, and mud for breakfast… and asks for more.

This kit is intended to be a one-time change over that will enable year-round track vehicle fun.  Our patented technology increases the usability of the stock bike while providing similar performance.

The skid frame suspension provides safer riding as it is more difficult for the bike to come out from under the rider.

HOOT85 Specifications

  • Front Suspension      Inverted fork; fully adjustable, 10.8-in travel
  • Front Brakes              Hydraulic single disc, 220mm (not applicable when ski installed)
  • Front Tire                   70/100-17 (not applicable when ski installed)
  • Rear Suspension       Single shock; fully adjustable, 10-in travel
  • Rear Brakes               Hydraulic single disc, 190mm
  • Rear Tire                    Stock rim is needed for the kit
  • Seat Height                33.1-in
  • Track                          121-in X 7.5-in X .75-in lug
  • Ski                              10-in wide UHMW plastic with dual steel runners
  • Wet Weight               37 lbs more than stock motorcycle

Please Check Your Local Laws: States have different laws and regulations concerning snow bikes.

The HOOT85 is an off-road vehicle that can be hazardous to operate and is intended for operators age 16 and older. Always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing each time you ride.

Additional information

Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 49 × 14 × 33 in
Key Features

– Snow Bike Kit conversion is a one-time installation
– Only a 5 minute change over for year round use (wheel for ski and vice versa)
– Handles many different terrains any time of the year
– No need for snow to lubricate the track or cool heat exchanger
– Ski design inspired by downhill ski’s ability to cut and hold in hard snow
– Uni airfilter with a K&N prefilter wrap to maintain clean air into the engine
– Powder coated components for long lasting durability
– Sealed bearings in idler wheels
– All joints have sacrificial aluminum bushings
– Utilizes the stock motorcycle shocks
– All metric hardware (except the u-bolts for the ski mount and the turnbuckles for the track tensioner)

1 review for HOOT85 Snow Bike Conversion Kit

  1. Brandon Green

    “The best part about the HOOT85 is it rips on any terrain! I got to rip around on one in Brooks MN at my moto cross track! I was initially intrigued with the concept then once I was able to ride it I was impressed with the handling considering the diverse conditions we tested throughout the day!”

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