Hoot Bikes FAQ

What motorcycles will work with the HOOT85 snow bike kit?
  • All model years (2002 to current) of the YZ85 motorcycle.
How can the HOOT85 work in low/hard snow conditions when other snow bikes don't?
  • This is the patented technology of the HOOT85. Three main reasons explain why:

    1. The overall weight is less; 199lbs when other kit/bike combinations are well over 300lbs.

    2. The overall height of the vehicle is less; lower mass is more stable.

    3. The weight bias on the ski is much less; more weight on the track is more stable.

How can the HOOT85 be similar in performance to the stock motorcycle?
  • This is the patented technology of the HOOT85. With the large diameter rear driver the engine horsepower is transferred to the ground in the most efficient manner.

How can the HOOT85 work in the summer time?
  • This is the patented technology of the HOOT85. The highly-efficient system has idler wheels to maintain the track profile, so no snow is needed for track guide lubrication.
How much does the HOOT85 weigh?
  • With a full tank of fuel the snow bike weighs 199lbs.
  • With a full tank of fuel the summer time use configuration weighs 199lbs. (The front wheel with the front brake components weighs the same as the ski mount and ski.)
  • The stock YZ85 full of fuel weighs 162lbs. The HOOT85 only adds 37lbs.
Does the HOOT85 work in all snow conditions?
  • The HOOT85 excels in snow that is between 2 to 12 inches deep. In general, the harder the snow the better the performance.
How does the HOOT85 convert from winter to summer time use and vice versa?


  • Remove the ski mount by removing the axle and loosen the 2 U-bolts. Support the tracked bike so it doesn’t tip over and slide off the ski mount from the forks. Install the front wheel and the changeover is done in less than 5 minutes.
  • Also, the front brake can be removed and re-installed with this changeover, but that is more of a personal preference.
How long will it take to change the stock motorcycle into a HOOT85?
  • Following the instructions it should take approximately 6 hours. The dis-assembly of the stock motorcycle is the hardest part, but anyone with some knowledge and a few tools should be able to do it. The kit is shipped in the most assembled state to ease the changeover.
Is there a recommended age group for riding the HOOT85?
  • 16 years and older, but it is more a skill level requirement. If an individual is comfortable riding a stock YZ85 motorcycle than they should be comfortable riding a HOOT85.
What physical size person can ride a HOOT85?
  • The rider in the HOOT85 videos is 6 feet tall and 210 lbs. The handlebars and seat height of the HOOT85 are the same as the stock motorcycle. The foot pegs are more rearward than the stock bike.
Will aftermarket pipes and/or mufflers work on the HOOT85?
  • The HOOT85 is designed for the stock YZ85 pipe and muffler. There are no guarantees that any aftermarket pipe and/or muffler will work with this kit.
How does the buying process work?
  • Click on the “BUY NOW!” tab to place a HOOT85 kit in your cart. Click the “Checkout” tab and fill out the information to pay. As inventory allows, the HOOT85 kit will be shipped to you! You will receive email notifications confirming order has been received and when shipped.
  • During special promotions there will be stated instructions.
  • Any questions please call (701) 732-0050.